Village | Bar

67% love it
By the people who brought us Felixx
Trendy Gay Bar with music video wall and cool sounds. Directly in the scene - area of ​​Vienna


    • hdo32
      hdo32 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      great place!
      Had a lot of fun. Good music, nice staff, nice decor. Worth the visit

    • jdliu
      jdliu Over a year ago

      small bar
      Village is a small intimate bar. As someone who's visiting from NYC, I thought the cocktails were mediocre. Maybe it's because they accurately pour the liquor for each cocktail. The bartenders were friendly and they were playing American top hits. The videos projected on the screen weren't the actual music videos but rather clips from American movies. Overall, nice bar to grab a drink.

    • jeffreyguard
      jeffreyguard Over a year ago
      Hates it

      For a VERY specific type: Twenty-something with major femme energy.
      We walked, directly to the left was a huge TV screen showing Conchita Wurst signing. At a table were 6 or seven twenty something femme boi types all talking over one another in falsettos. The bartender was the classic bartender-escort-actor-whatever type. My husband ordered a whiskey and got barely a shot of it, that was drizzled over a ice cube. If hanging with 20 something gay men who skew super femme--THIS is your scene--you'll love it. If it's not you'll be scratching at the walls to leave. We subsequently found The Eagle--which is everything this bar is not. There was nothing inherently wrong with the place, it just did not appeal to any our our sensibilities.