Cafe Savoy

86% love it
Historical, luxurious, fabulous
Cafe Savoy is ultra chic and traditional. Step inside and transport yourself back to the Habsburg days. At night it's full of boys having a cocktail before hitting the bars.


    • Urbangrau
      Urbangrau Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Vienna is known for grumpy people, but not for rude, disrespectful and patronizing service. Unfortunately this is the oder of business at Savoy. The atmosphere of this place is great, but due to the personell its rotten to its very core. It is adviseable to skip this place and to visit some other palces around that in fact value paying customers.

    • ocanio
      ocanio Over a year ago
      Loves it

      come for a drink
      Great place for a drink in a traditional and rather beautiful kaffeehaus - with the added bonus of being gay!

    • kceej
      kceej Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great time with friends
      My partner and I went there with two locals. Had a great time drinking beer. We were told by one of the locals that as you enter, men who are single sit at the right side of the cafe, while men in relationships sat on the left side. Since we didn't know this, we took a table at the right side. Oh well. The waiter was friendly and service was good. Like many of the establishments in Vienna, smoking is allowed indoors, which as Americans, bothered us a little bit. The men's bathroom has a humorous story posted on the wall about a small sculpture that was stolen from the bathroom, then returned, then stolen once more. Most locals speak some degree of English. We will probably go back again and try the food.