94% love it
Cruise & Play
If you're into acting out all of your erotic fantasies, Sling is everything you want from a big European cruise bar. Whether you're there early morning or late at night there's always plenty of guys ready and willing to perform with you. The bar is a great meeting spot, but downstairs is where you can get into all kinds of trouble.


    • hdo32
      hdo32 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Didnt like this place
      Guys harassing you, rude staff.

    • Busy bar and backroom, and non smoking, thank you!
      Wonderful to find a hat bar where smoking is only allowed in the smoking lounge. I wished the other bars would follow this good example! Sling bar 12 points!

    • jeffreyguard
      jeffreyguard Over a year ago

      Not for us
      Very different vibe from The Eagle--which my husband and I loved. Where the Eagle is more rugged with a lodge like feel, this place has a generic modern type feel, a little soul-less. The bartender is a slim attractive model type. It's masculine but with less of a relaxing vibe. It has a touch of glam that I'm not so into. The play area is also extensive with two floors.

    • jwachy
      jwachy Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Naked Sunday is the best
      Sunday is a naked party. Mixed crowd with no attitude. You definitely find someone for you. The bar man could be friendlier, but the doormen are just fine. Definitely Vienna's gem for sex party.

    • machoxx
      machoxx Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Turkish, east European and Arab hustlers
      Really all kind of action! Great Turkish, east European and Arab hustlers there. Don't pay more then 50â