Gay Vienna: Flamboyant Capital City

Vienna is one of those great gay capitals of Europe that you can can travel to frequently and never get enough. Of Viennas 1.7 million inhabitants, an estimated 170,000 of them are gay or lesbian.

Thanks to the gorgeous architecture, musical and cultural attractions, mouth-watering cuisine and abundance of parks, Viennese gay life has never been more enticing. There are plenty of cocktail bars, cafe hotspots, hangouts, meet-ups, fetish parties, saunas, clubs and discos all over town, more than enough to keep even the most energetic boy or girl happy for a lifetime of culture and nightlife.

Popular gay restaurants include Cafe Berg, Bar Restaurant Cafe Willendorf, Motto and Cafe Savoy. In the evening the party moves to Felixx, Why Not, the Vienna Eagle, and Heaven. Walk in openly gay Prince Eugene of Savoy's footsteps at the Belvedere Palace, shop till you drop (and snack away!) at the Naschmarkt before heading to see the Beethoven Frize by Gustav Klimt in the Secession.

The historic Hofburg Imperial Palace is a Vienna must, where you can learn about "Luziwuzi," the controversial Emperor Ludwig Viktor who frequented the Kaiserbrundl bathhouse in his day and was exiled to a remote castle for an infamous incident that took place at the baths involving an Austrian army officer.

Plan your visit around one of the many large-scale events like the popular Life Ball, Rainbow Parade, Rainbow Ball, Rosenball and Wien in Schwarz.

Restaurants to check out